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Consulting and Ordering

Valeriana officinalis

The root of this plant has medicinal value in traditional medicine and it is used as a sedative, hypnotic, anticonvulsant, treatment of depression, digestive and anti-stomachache. The name of catnip for this plant is due to its ability to absorb cats and has a kind of psychoactive effect on them. This property is due to actinide in the extract of this plant, which is similar to pheromones in the body of cats. This plant has a similar effect on rats. Valerian is a perennial herbaceous plant whose stem grows vertically up to two meters in height. This plant grows wild in sparsely forested forests, along streams and pits in most parts of Europe and Asia.


damask rose water

Damask Rose is a flower that has a mild nature and as mentioned above, you can relieve your headache by smelling its natural essence. This essence is very powerful in cleansing the facial skin and is a natural moisturizer for dry and damaged skin. It can be said that it has almost no side effects on the skin, and is a useful natural substance for skin and hair. It is good to know that Damask Rose essence is very useful for treating depression, anxiety and relieving sadness, and for this reason it is used in mourning ceremonies. The essence of this flower is useful for fat burning and causes weight loss in obese people because it reduces appetite over time, which using it constantly leads to weight loss. 

Herbal Extracts

Today, herbal extracts have become one of the most popular beverages for medicinal purposes; So that today there are more than fifty types of plants that after extracting, become a drink with many medicinal uses. Herbal extracts are basically the properties and essence of plants that are formed by combining these two with water. The scent of herbal sweats in some cases calms the nervous system of the body by stimulating nerve receptors. On the other hand, herbal extract ingredients are the solution to many digestive problems.


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How to export?

The medicinal plants and damask roses dried in our company are prepared in a way that is completely clean and away from pollution and with full observe grievance of hygiene, and the damask roses essential oil is prepared by observing the best type of packaging so it will be delivered safely. Delivery of the products to our customers is in the right conditions and at the right time.